TUTORIAL: VW Passat B7, CC, Skoda Octavia 3 Rear View Camera fail or Logo Trunk Handle doesn’t work (Trunk door won’t open). How to easy fix…

If your trunk is locked and you cannot open it manually by pressing the logo flip handle. Also the Rear View Camera failed and you get „Camera not available” message on the info screen every time you shift into reverse, you should start by checking a certain fuse from the relay panel.

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So, this blue 15A fuse on „S51” position, which is located above the relay panel on the left side under the steering wheel, if it is blown, it no longer allows you to open the trunk and the rear view camera is no longer working.

If the fuse is ok (not blown), all that’s left is to check the cables from the logo handle that leads to the car body. Sometimes they also break and the 12V current no longer reach the trunk handle to open it. Therefore, remove the upholstery on the right side of the trunk and check the wires and plugs that connect to each other.

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