TUTORIAL: How to remove V159 Air Recirculation Flap Positioning Motor on VW Passat B6 2006-2010 in 16 steps

In this complete video tutorial you are going to see how to remove V159 Actuator for Temperature Flap (Air Recirculation Flap Positioning Motor) on VW Passat B6 2006-2010 in just 16 steps.

How do you know that your V159 air recirculation flap positioning motor needs replacement:
– you have to be sure that you don’t have to replace the heater core
– one of your fault code from your VCDS Scan Tool (or any other scan tool) is „01810 – Actuating Motor for Temperature Flap; Right (V159)”
– when you turn the heat for both sides ON, on the left side is blowing hot and the passenger’s side is blowing cold (HVAC temperature inconsistent, you don’t have heat on the passenger’s side)
– you hear strange noises from behind the dashboard or HVAC
– you have to check if it’s blowing cold air from the pollen filter box (the cover has not been installed correctly)

Required tools:
– T20 Torx (Find 12-Piece Magnetic Torx Screwdrivers Set HERE: https://amzn.to/2DJ8yZT)
– flat blade screwdriver
– T10 Star Key Wrench Torx L Shape (Find the Star Key Wrench Set, 9-Piece T10-T50 Torx HERE: https://amzn.to/3n5AA3p)
– a trim tool (Find the trim removal tool kit HERE: https://amzn.to/30b9Ofx)

HERE you can find Air Conditioning Resistance Sensor for repairing V159 motor: –- https://amzn.to/3iMTQlo

You can find electric motor for Servomotor V159, V158 HERE: https://bit.ly/3x5E1v9

Working time: 4-6 hours

Here you can see where is the location for every air recirculation flap positioning motor on VW Passat B6. So, you can see the location for V159,
V158, V107, V70, V113, V71, V425). V425 is available starting with 2007 Passat models.

Before you start removing the VW Passat B6 V159 air recirculation flap positioning motor (or any other actuator V158, V107, V70, V113, V71, V425) you just have to disconnect the negative terminal from the car battery. Then…

1. Remove those two bolts from inside the glovebox using a T20 Torx
2. Remove those 2 bolts from the upper side of the glovebox using a T20 Torx
3. Remove those 3 bolts from the bottom side using a T20 Torx
4. Use a Trim Tool to remove the plastic cap from the right side of the dashboard
5. Push those plastic pins inside to lower the glove box
6. Open the glove box and then put it down to disconnect all the cables and electrical connectors
Use a flat blade screwdriver to remove those cables and connectors.
7. Remove the rubber hose from the glove compartment
8. Remove those two plastic bolts and then take the carpet out
9. Remove the other end of the hose from the HVAC box
10. Remove the T20 screw from the air guide tube
11. Remove the T20 screw from the plastic part
12. Remove the T20 screw from the lower part of the dash
13. Remove the plastic part pulling it down, on the left and then on the right side
Now you can see the V159 motor.
14. Remove those 3 bolts from the V159 motor in this order: screw 1, screw 2, screw 3
Those 3 bolts can be removed using a T10 Star Key Wrench Torx L Shape or a 5.5 mm key wrench.
The screw 1 can be removed using a T10 Torx or a 5.5 mm socket.
The screws 2 & 3 can be removed using a T10 Star Key Wrench Torx L Shape or, the hard way, making a hole through that metalic part in front of the screw
1 and 2.
We’ll removing the screw 2 using T10 Star Key Wrench Torx L Shape.
We’ll removing the screw 3 using T10 Star Key Wrench Torx L Shape.
15. Lift the V159 motor on the right side to remove it from the white plastic arm from the HVAC box
16. Remove the electrical connector from the V159 actuator.

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