TUTORIAL: What you should do when you see AdBlue „cloud” warning light on Dacia Duster dashboard (Check Anti-pollution system message)

Here is a video that will explain what you should do when the AdBlue warning light or an orange cloud (and the „Check Anti-pollution system” message) popped up on Dacia Duster dashboard.

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Usually, this AdBlue warning light appears on the dasboard alongside with other two warning lights: the Check Engine Light and the Service Light (small key wrench). And also the „Check Anti-pollution system” message appears on dashboard display.

First, this Adblue warning light comes on before the Adblue liquid tank is empty. So, at the first warning where the indicator light AdBlue is yellow, you only have to refill with Adblue additive.

After you have filled the tank with Adblue, the indicator light should go off. If you do not fill the tank in time, the indicator light will turn red and you will not be able to start the engine after you stop the car. The Adblue system is made in such a way that you can no longer drive the car if it is not supplied with it Adblue additive.

You should know that when your Adblue warning light comes on, you still have about 2-3 liters of additive in the tank with which you will be able to travel (according to Dacia) 2,400 km until the system will no longer allow the engine to start. So, there is plenty of time.

If the warning light does not go off even after you have added Adblue additive, then you will have to visit a Dacia dealer for an Adblue software update.

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