8 EFFICIENT & CHEAP WAYS to prevent catalytic converter theft

In this article we tell you about 8 efficient and cheap ways to prevent catalytic converter theft.

1. Install a new aftermarket catalytic converter shield protection for your car. Below is a catalytic converter protection for Toyota Prius that you can find HERE.
Toyota Prius is a big target for catalytic converter thieves. As an ultra low-emissions vehicle, the Prius has a catalytic converter that contains more of the rhodium, palladium and platinum than other cars.

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2. Protect the catalyst with a cage made from rebars (reinforcing bars). A rebar cage could be the cheapest option to protect your catalytic converter. You can do it yourself if you know how to weld or you can always call a professional welder.

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3. Another cheap and quick solution would be to weld the catalyst to the chassis of the car or you can weld rebars (reinforcing bars) along the exhaust system of the car.
Thus, thieves will no longer be able to cut the catalyst so quickly and easily.

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4. Replace the original catalytic converter with an universal catalytic converter. Of course, a new aftermarket catalyst is cheaper than the old one you already have installed on the car.

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5. Write or engrave the original catalytic converter with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car or the registration number. You must know that the companies that buy these car catalysts are obliged to ask the seller for the identity card and the documents of origin of the catalyst they are buying.

6. Spray the catalytic converter with a brightly color such as orange, yellow, green, etc. This way you can confuse or discourage thieves from stealing it. If the thief is caught by the police, your catalyst will be the easiest to identify.

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7. Install a more efficient alarm system that triggers at the slightest vibration of the car. When the thiefs tries to cut the catalyst from the car with an electric saw, the car alarm will go off.

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8. Park the car in public places where a lot of people pass.