How to remove dashboard (dash panel) on VW Golf Mk5, 5, Jetta, GTI in 10 steps

If you want to see how to remove dashboard (dash panel) on VW Golf Mk5, 5, Jetta, GTI in just 10 simple steps watch this video tutorial.

Before you start removing the dashboard, you
have to remove first:
instrument cluster
A pillar trims
center console (radio CD, climate control unit)
glove box
headlight switch
steering wheel airbag
steering wheel
clock spring airbag
steering wheel control module
signal and wipers levers.

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Required tools:

– a ratchet
– a T20 & T25 Torx
– a 10 mm socket

1. Remove the plastic frame from the center dash
2. Remove those two plastic pieces from below using a T20 Torx
3. Remove all the screws fromt the dash using a T25 Torx
4. Remove the plastic piece
5. Remove those two harnesses and then remove the plastic piece
6. Remove the screw that is holding the panel above the pedals
7. Remove all the cables
8. Remove those two bolts from passenger airbag using a 10 mm socket
9. Disconnect the harness
10. Finally, remove the dashboard.

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