TUTORIAL: Mazda 3 BK (2004-2009) Oil / Wrench Maintenance Light Service Reminder Reset in 5 simple steps

When the wrench indicator light will appears in the cluster you know that you have to reset Oil Service or Service Reminder. This Maintenance Light must be reset after
you replace the oil and filters. Here is a video tutorial on how to reset Oil Light on Mazda 3 BK 2004-2009 in just five simple steps:

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1. Press and hold the trip button with the ignition switched off
2. Keep pressing until you switch the ignition on (but ddon’t start the engine)
3. Keep pressing the button for more than 5 seconds until the master warning light flashes for several seconds and you’ll know that the service light has been reset
4. Release the Trip button
5. Switch the ignition off.

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