TUTORIAL: BMW 5-Series F10, F11 (2011-2017) front, rear, armrest cigarette lighter 12V socket fuse replacement (fix) in 4 simple steps

This is a video tutorial on how to fix front, rear and armrest cigarette lighter or 12V socket (fuse replacement) on BMW 5-Series F10 & F11 (2011-2017) in just four simple steps.

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BMW 5-Series F10 & F11 (2011-2017) has two fuse panels located in the glove box and in the luggage compartment.

1. Open the trunk and take the cover out to see the fuse panel and remove the red fuse puller.
2. Take the fuse panel diagram out and look for the cigarette lighter or 12V socket symbol and identify the fuses positions
3. Replace the 20A fuse from the 54 position from the fuse panel located in the glove box
Make sure to replace it with the same color and with the same ampere fuse (20A).
You have to replace that yellow fuse indicated with the red arrow. This fuse is for the front and rear cigarette lighter or 12V sockets.
4. For the cigarette lighter or 12V socket located in the arm rest you have to replace the 15A fuse from the 65 position

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HERE is the BMW 5 Series F10, F11 (2011-2017) fuse box and relay panel location and diagram (explanation)!

HERE you can find BMW fuse panel diagram symbols explained!

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