TUTORIAL: BMW 5 Series F10, F11 (2011-2017) fuse box and relay panel location and diagram (explanation)

Here is a video tutorial where you can see BMW 5 Series F10, F11 (2011-2017) fuse and relay panels location and diagrams (explanation).

Below you can see the BMW 5 Series F10, F11 fuse box diagram from the glove compartment:



Ampere rating [A] Symbol / Semnification
1 10A Footwell control unit
2 5A Dynamic stability control (DSC) / Door control unit
3 5A Central gateway control unit / Diagnostic socket
4 5A Control unit
5 10A Interior lights / Instrument cluster
7 30A Junction box
8 30A Junction box
9 30A Junction box
10 10A Instrument cluster
11 7.5A Heating and air conditioning control unit
12 5A Glovebox light
13 5A Steering column switches / Light switch / Driver’s assistance system
14 15A Junction box
15 20A Junction box
16 40A Footwell control unit
17 30A Footwell control unit
18 30A Footwell control unit
19 20A Trailer control unit
20 20A DME – Digital Motor Electronics / Integrated Voltage Module – IVM
21 30A DME – Digital Motor Electronics / Integrated Voltage Module – IVM
22 30A Rail pressure control valve / Fuel metering solenoid / Camshaft sensor / Boost pressure regulator solenoid / Mass airflow meter / Turbo pressure control solenoid / Camshaft sensor / Compressor bypass
23 5A Telematics
24 10A Steering column switches
25 5A Head-up display control unit
26 5A Instrument cluster
27 5A Eject box / Speaker
28 5A Video system
29 5A Rear control unit / Control unit / Touchbox
31 5A Rear climatronic control unit / Heated rear seat(s) switch
32 7.5A Driver’s seat adjustment switch / Door switch control unit / Front passenger’s seat adjustment switch / Exterior mirror
Sunroof module / Rear vanity light
33 5A Seat belt pretensioner control unit / Preheating control unit / Tank vent valve / Fuel tank shut-off valve
Seat belt pretensioner control unit / Preheating control unit
34 5A Chassis integration module
35 15A DDE main relay
36 30A Headlight washer pump
37 30A Vertical dynamics control
38 40A Vehicle access control unit
39 40A Power steering control unit
40 30A Dynamic stability control (DSC)
42 30A Electro-hydraulic engine mounting solenoids / EGR cooling bypass valve / Oil quality sensor
Oxygen sensor behind the catalytic converter / Oxygen sensor in front of the catalytic converter / Mass airflow meter
Compressor bypass / Mass airflow meter / Oil level sensor / Wastegate control solenoid
43 5A Electromechanical power steering motor / Throttle position valve
44 5A Automatic air conditioning / Camera control unit
45 5A Vertical dynamics control / Power steering control unit
46 5A Radiator shutter control unit / Cruise control
47 20A Exhaust gas recirculation coolant pump / Exhaust gas recirculation solenoid
48 5A Electrochromatic rear-view mirror / Crankcase breather heater
51 30A Wiper module
52 30A Driver’s seat control unit /  Driver’s seat adjustment switch
53 30A Passenger’s seat control unit / Front passenger’s seat adjustment switch
54 20A Front and rear 12V sockets
55 20A Rear wiper
56 5A Vehicle access control unit
58 5A Noise filter / Sunroof module
59 10A Intercooler pump
60 5A Parking brake switch
61 20A Sunroof module
62 15A Horns
63 10A Automatic transmission control
64 7.5A Gear selector switch
65 15A Additional 12V socket / Auxiliary heating system (20A)
66 7.5A Sunroof module / Door switch control unit / Exterior mirror
67 10A Seat adjustment switch / Driver’s seat adjustment switch / Front passenger’s seat adjustment switch / Valve block, lumbar support
68 40A Blower
69 50A Dynamic stability control (DSC)
70 60A Cooling fan shut-off relay
71 50A Fuel filter heater
R1 Terminal 30 relay

Below you can see the BMW 5 Series F10, F11 fuse box diagram from the trunk:





rating [A]

Symbol / Semnification
100 20A Trailer control unit
101 40A Footwell control unit
105 30A Hi-Fi amplifier / Headset connection module
107 5A Charging control / Dynamic stability control (DSC)
108 N
109 N
110 10A Automatic soft-close door
11 Not used
112 Not used
113 Not used
114 Not used
115 Not used
116 7.5A Rear information display
117 5A Telematics / USB
118 10A Information display / Rear in-car entertainment
119 15A Headset connection module / Headset connection module / Audio system
120 5A Hi-Fi amplifier / DVD
121 5A Infotainment control unit / Fan unit / Video system
122 Not used
123 5A Camera control unit
124 5A Night vision system control unit
125 5A Video system
126 Not used
127 Not used
128 10A Wastegate control solenoid
130 Not used
131 5A Lane detection warning
132 5A Additional heater / Convertible roof control unit / Right headlight, main beam
134 5A Rear axle camber sensor / Parking assistance / Rear axle camber sensor / Servotronic
135 5A Electric change-over valve, exhaust flap
136 5A DC-DC converter / Convertible roof control unit
137 5A Cooling fan shut-off relay
138 5A Transfer box
139 5A Fuel tank leak diagnosis / Tyre pressure control
140 Not used
141 Not used
142 20A Auxiliary heating system
143 10A Automatic soft-close door
144 10A Automatic soft-close door
145 20A Trailer socket
146 Not used
147 15A Additional 12V socket (20A)
148 20A Convertible roof control unit / Trailer towing module
149 10A Automatic soft-close door
150 Not used
151 Not used
152 5A Ride height control
153 5A Boot lid remote control / Tailgate switch
154 5A Luggage compartment light(s)
155 15A Tailgate/boot lock
156 Not used
167 5A Parking brake control unit
169 5A Alarm system / Vacuum leak detection
170 Not used
172 Not used
175 Not used
177 20A Heater fan
178 30A Transfer box
179 30A Parking brake control unit
180 30A Parking brake control unit
181 Not used
182 40A Compressor clutch relay / Soft top
183 40A Boot lid remote control
184 20A Fuel pump control
185 30A Hi-Fi amplifier
186 30A DC-DC converter
187 30A Heated rear seat(s) control unit / Rear seat control unit
188 30A Heated rear seat(s) control unit / Rear seat control unit
189 Not used
190 30A Driver’s seat heater control unit
191 30A Passenger’s seat heater control unit
192 Not used
195 30A Additional heater
198 30A Seat belt pretensioner control unit
199 30A Seat belt pretensioner control unit
200 40A Hi-Fi amplifier
201 Not used
202 30A Additional heater
203 30A Rear windscreen defroster
204 Not used
R1 Terminal 30 relay
R2 Terminal 30 relay
R3 Terminal 15 relay
R4 Heated rear windscreen relay

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