How to remove / replace the battery on a VW Golf Mk5 in 12 steps

Among the most important elements related to the proper function of the vehicle includes also the battery car.

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Be careful to change only in the following cases:

– The car does not start at the first key

– Car Battery has exceeded 5 years

– Battery auto shows traces of lead sulfate crystals on one or both terminals

– Battery voltage has a value between 12.4 -12.8 volts (this verification is done with a voltmeter, but only with the engine off for at least an hour to have time as the battery voltage to stabilize)

– Make sure the alternator charges the battery car, otherwise nothing could change it (check with a voltmeter that the battery maintains tension between 13.8 to 14.4 volts).

WARNING: if you change the battery in front of the building, you will not benefit from the guarantee. This is offered only if the battery mounted in a workshop.

You can replace the old battery with a new one with the same amount or a little higher power, ie a maximum of 30%.

Therefore, before changing the battery, switch off the engine, pull the handbrake, turn off all consumers and raise the hood. On some machines, you should reset code you have audio system.

To move effectively removing and installing the battery on the machine will have to follow the instructions in the video below.


STEP 1: remove those two plastic covers

STEP 2: with a ratchet and a 10 mm socket loose those two screws from the terminals and disconnect them

It is important that you disconnect the negative terminal socket before the positive socket!

STEP 3: use a ratchet and a 13 mm socket to loose the screw from the left side

STEP 4: carefully, take the old battery out

If you see sulfate (white or blue) residue at the bottom, you can use a baking soda solution mixed with water to clean that up. Do not touch this powder with your bare hands, use gloves for protection.

STEP 5: put the new battery in the same place and in the same position with old one

Be careful to place the side clamp over the edge of the battery

STEP 6: you need to tighten back the screw

STEP 7: put the cables back on the battery and connect all the screws

STEP 8: put the plastic box back

STEP 9: start the engine

STEP 10:`check if the alternator maintains a charge between 13,8 -14,4 volts

STEP 11: put the cover box battery back

STEP 12: shut the engine off

Don’t forget to close the hood!

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