TUTORIAL: How to remove PSE pump (central locking vacuum pump) on VW Polo 6N2 in 3 steps

Watch the video tutorial to see VW Polo 6N, Golf Mk3, Passat central locking pump (PSE pump) removal in 3 simple steps.

Required tools:
– a flat blade screwdriver

1. Open the trunk and remove the cover
You will see the vacuum pump located behind the right tail light
2. Disconnect the cables from the central locking vacuum pump
3. Take the vacuum pump out and remove the hose from the back.
If you want to buy a second-hand unit, the PSE pump can be identified by the OEM part number (6N0962257A).
You can also call a VW dealership with your VIN number, and they can tell you the OEM part number.

If you have these symptoms probably you have to replace the PSE pump:

– your car key fob won’t lock or unlock any door, including rear hatch
– if you press on door lock or unlock buttons inside the car fails to lock or unlock any door
– there is no sound coming from the pump to suggest that motor is running.

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