TUTORIAL: How to replace headlight bulb (H7) on Smart Fortwo in 6 steps

In this video tutorial we are going to show you how to replace / change the headlight bulb (halogen H7) on Smart Fortwo in 6 simple steps.
Before you do that, switch off the ignition.

We’ll do the replacement on the low beam headlight bulb from the left side. The procedure is also the same for the headlight on the right side.

1. Use the ignition key to remove the grille
2. Remove the black plastic part
We removed the plastic cover from the high beam just to show you how it looks like
3. Remove the plastic cover from the low beam
We used a different headlight but with the same unlock system as the smart fortwo
4. Disconnect the wires from the lamp
5. Unlock the metal clip that holds the bulb in place
To remove it you have to push towards the front of the car and in the same time slide it to the right
6. Pull the bulb out and replace it with the new one
Don’t touch the bulbs with your bare hands!

Put the metal clip back, connect the wires, place the plastic cover and install the plastic part and the grille back on the car.

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