Mercedes-Benz CLS service light reset, in 6 steps

Follow those 6 steps from the video below to learn how to reset service light on a Mercedes-Benz CLS:

STEP 1: turn the key to position one

STEP 2: push the reset button from the left side of the instrument cluster three times

STEP 3: scroll to the “Service menu” pushing the button with arrow up

STEP 4: push the “+” or the “-“ button until you see “Confirmation” on display

STEP 5: push on the right side of the button marked with two rectangles

STEP 6: push again on the same button (the one with two rectangles, on the right) to confirmed “Full service”

Then, you’ll have to see the message “Service confirmed”

Because this was just a simulation, the message that appears in the video is “Service not confirmed”

To verify if you did the reset correctly, you have to turn the key to position one and scroll through the display meniu to search if the “Service in xxx km” message is there