TUTORIAL: How to manually / emergency release and unlock DSG selector (in case of drained battery, defective fuse) VW Passat B6, B7, CC, Golf Mk7, GTI, Jetta, GTE, Polo 2014, Golf R, Touareg, Beetle

If you want to move the car but you have a dead battery, interruption of the power supply (defective fuse), or defect of the selector lever lock, watch the video tutorial below.

We will show you how to shift the DSG selector from the position P in the N position or D (Drive) and the car can be moved. In the short terms, you just have to unlock the DSG gearbox in case of emergency on VW Passat B6, B7, CC, Golf Mk7, GTI, Jetta, GTE, Polo 2014, Golf R, Touareg, Beetle, Skoda Octavia 3, Superb, Audi, Seat, etc.

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First, you have to apply the handbrake, then:

1. Open the front ashtray
2. Unclip the DSG gear selector cover from the front side using both hands
Insert two fingers to push the gaiter frame forward and then pull the gaiter up.
3. Lift the DSG gear selector gaiter up
4. Use a finger to press the yellow plastic part (indicated with the red arrow) and simultaneously shift the selector lever in N (Neutral) position
After you moved the car you can install the DSG shift cover or the gaiter back.

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