Skoda Octavia Mk1 Tour (1998-2004) Fuse Box (Panel) Diagram

Below you can see the Skoda Octavia Mk1 Tour (1998-2004) Fuse Box (Panel) Diagram and the location. First, you have to know that Skoda Octavia Mk1 Tour (1998-2004) has the fuse box (panel) located on the left side of the dash panel behind the plastic cover.

Take the plastic cover out to have acces at the fuse panel. You replace the defect fuse with a new fuse of the same ampere number!

You should never repair fuses and do not replace them with a fuse of a higher amperage, it may cause fire.I recommend always carrying replacement fuses in your vehicle because you never know when you need it.

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rating [A]

Symbol / Semnification
1 10A Heating of the exterior mirrors, relay for cigarette lighter / Power seats and washing nozzles
2 10A Turn signal lights / Xenon headlight
3 5A Lighting in storage compartment
4 5A Licence plate light
5 7.5A Seat heating / Climatronic / Circulating air flap / Exterior mirror heater / Cruise control system
6 5A Central locking system
7 10A Reversing light / Sensors for parking aid
8 5A Phone
9 5A ABS / ESP
10 20A Ignition, S-contact
11 5A Instrument cluster
12 7.5A Power supply of the self-diagnosis
13 10A Brake lights
14 10A Interior lighting, central locking system / Interior lighting (without central locking system)
15 5A Instrument cluster / Steering angle sender / Rear mirror
16 10A Air conditioning system
17 5A / 30A Heated windscreen washer nozzles / Daylight driving lights
18 10A Right main beam
19 10A Left main beam
20 15A Right low beam / Headlight range adjustment
21 15A Low beam on the left
22 5A Right parking light
23 5A Left parking light
24 20A Front window wiper / Motor for wash pump
25 25A Air blower / Air conditioning system / Climatronic
26 25A Rear window heater
27 15A Rear window wiper
28 15A Fuel pump
29 15A / 10A Control unit: Petrol engine / Control unit: Diesel engine
30 20A Electric sliding/tilting roof
32 10A / 30A Petrol engine – injection valves / Diesel engine – injection pump, control unit
33 20A Headlight cleaning system
34 10A Petrol engine: Control unit / Diesel engine: Control unit
35 30A Trailer socket, power socket in the luggage compartmen
36 15A Fog lights
37 20A / 5A Petrol engine: Control unit / Diesel engine: Control unit
38 15A Luggage compartment light / Central locking system / Interior lighting
39 15A Hazard warning light system
40 20A Horn
41 15A Cigarette lighter
42 15A Radio / Mobile phone
43 10A Petrol engine: Control unit / Diesel engine: Control unit
44 15A Seat heaters

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