TUTORIAL: How to remove / replace fuel (gas) pump on VW Golf Mk4, GTI, Bora, Jetta, Skoda Octavia 1, Fabia, Audi A2, A3, etc.

To remove or replace the fuel pump on a VW Golf Mk4, GTI, Jetta or Bora you don’t have to remove the fuel tank. You can have acces from the inside the car, located under
the rear seat cushion on the right side. Be careful not to smoke around the fuel pump because fuel vapors are higly combustible!

Required tools:
– a flat blade screwdriver
– a Phillips screwdriver

First, disconnect the negative terminal from the battery, then…

1. Remove the rear seat cushion and take the carpet on the side
2. Remove those 3 screws using a Phillips screwdriver and take the panel out
3. Disconnect the cables and those two fuel lines (one is the supply and the other one is the return line)
4. Remove the plastic ring seal using the flat blade screwdriver
When you install the new fuel pump, make sure that sits in the same manner considering that three witness arrows.
5. Remove the fuel pump from the tank
Be careful not to bend the fuel gauge sending unit arm when removing or reinstalling the unit.
This is a fuel pump removed from a VW Golf Mk4, 1.9 TDI, 90 PS.
If you want to buy a second-hand unit, the fuel pump can be identified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part number off your stock fuel pump assembly.
You can also call a VW dealership with your VIN number, and they can tell you the OEM part number.

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