How to remove hvac heater blower motor on VW Golf Mk4, Jetta, Bora in 11 steps

We’ll show you 17 simple steps to fan remove hvac heater blower motor on VW Golf Mk4, Jetta, Bora. Watch the VIDEO TUTORIAL below.

HERE you can find HVAC HEATER BLOWER MOTOR / HEATER BLOWER FAN for VW Golf Mk4 (1998-2006) 1J2819021C:

Neccessary tools:

To remove the heater blower motor, you have to remove first the rear and the front console, and the glove box compartment.


STEP 1: open the ashtray, take that piece out and remove those two hidden screws

STEP 2: take those caps out and remove the screws from both sides of the center console

STEP 3: pull the handbrake and take the center console out

STEP 4: disconnect the wiring harness from the gas cap button

STEP 5: remove those two screws from from both sides of the front center console

STEP 6: remove the gear stick gaitor

STEP 7: take the ashtray out and remove the hidden screw

STEP 8: disconnect the ashtray wiring harness and take the front center console out

STEP 9: remove the hidden screw from the left side of the glove box

STEP 10: remove those 6 screws from the glove box

STEP 11: take the glove box out, but be careful to disconnect the wiring harness from the glove box lamp

STEP 12: remove the plastic screw beneath the glove box and remove the foam cover

STEP 13: disconnect the wiring harness from the blower motor resistor

STEP 14: remove the two screws from the blower motor resistor using a ratchet, an extension ratchet and a 6 mm socket

STEP 15: take the blower motor resistor out

STEP 16: disconnect the wiring harness from the blower motor

STEP 17: take the blower motor out pulling it down.

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