TUTORIAL: How to remove the lock tumbler (boot lock cylinder) on VW Golf Mk4 in just 6 simple steps

For those owners of VW Golf Mk4 who decided to replace / remove the lock tumbler or boot lock cylinder, this is how you have to do it.

Neccessary tools:

–          A flat blade screwdriver

–          A Philips screwdriver

–          A ratchet and a T20 Torx

–          A 11 or 12 mm socket

–          A hammer


STEP 1: open the trunk and remove those two screws from inside the grab handles

STEP 2: remove the trim panel

STEP 3: disconnect the electrical connector (left side) and the small metal arm that pulls the latch open/shut (right side)

STEP 4: with a T20 Torx remove those three bolts from the boot handle

Use something for not locking the boot.

STEP 5: remove the retaining clip that holds the boot lock in place

Use a flat blade screwdriver and gently pry the clip up.

STEP 6: if it doesn’t come off with a push of a finger, use a hammer and a 11 -12 mm socket to remove the lock tumbler.

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