How to set / activate COMING HOME without light / rain sensor on VW Golf Mk6, GTI, Jetta in 3 steps

In this video tutorial we are going to show you how to set or activate COMING HOME function on VW Golf Mk6, GTI, Jetta in just 3 simple steps. The car from the video tutorial is a VW Golf Mk6, Trendline, without a light or rain sensor.

Reqiured tools:
– a laptop (with VCDS software installed)
– a VCDS (VAGCOM) dyagnose

First, you have to connect the VCDS cable to the OBD2 port of your car and to your laptop. Then…

1. Turn the key in the second position
2. Open your laptop and click on VCDS software that you have already installed on your laptop.
Follow this steps: Select Controle Module / Central El. / 07-Coding / Long Coding Helper
Go on Byte 12 and select “Coming Home Timer” (Bit 0) and “Coming Home Mode” (Bit 2)

Select Home Timer (Bit 0) only if you want your headlights to turn on after you open the driver door. Otherwise headlights will remain turn on from the moment you operate the headlight flasher.
Select Coming Home Mode (Bit 2) if you don’t have light or rain sensor, so you have to manually activate the Coming Home function using headlight flasher.

Then go on Byte 17 and select “Coming Home Active” (Bit 5)
Close the window and click Do it! / OK / Close Controller, Go Back-06 / Go back / Exit.

Now we will see how the Coming Home function is working after we set it up

3. Leave the headlight switch on…… Then turn off the ignition and remove the key / Operate the headlight flasher for approximately one second / open
the driver door and get out of the car / close the door

And then you will see that the lights will turn off after 10 seconds (or more) depending on your timer setup.

The Coming Home function is switched on manually. However, the Leaving Home function is controlled automatically by a twilight sensor.

When the Coming Home function is switched on, no acoustic warning will sound when the driver door is opened to remind you that a light is still switched on.

To change the COMING HOME timer, you just have to follow these steps: Select Control Module /  Adaptation-10 / Documented adaptation channels can be selected here / Coming-Home Time, and here you just have to replace the default value (10 seconds) with the new value (between 10-60 seconds) in the New Value field. Then you click on Test / Save / Yes / Done, Go Back / Exit.

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