TUTORIAL: How to modify / change kilometers on oil service (interval) on VW Passat B7, Touran, Tiguan

This time we are going to show you how to modify or change value (kilometers / miles) oil service (interval) on VW Passat B7, Touran, Tiguan.

Required tools:
– a VCDS dyagnose
– a laptop (with VCDS software installed)


First, you have to connect the VCDS cable to the OBD2 port of your car and to your laptop. Then…

1. Turn the key in the second position or start the engine
2. Click on VCDS software that you have already installed on your laptop and click on:
Select Control Module / 17-Instruments / Adaptation-10 / Channel and select “IDE01153-SIA: maximum value
of distance to service”

Now, you can see that the new value is 3.600 km, wich means that the oil service value has been modified with -5.000 km.

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