UPGRADE with only 10 €uros: BMW iDrive Controller (Ceramic Look) Easy Install in 3 minutes!

This video tutorial is showing you how to install (UPGRADE) an aftermarket iDrive Controller on your BMW 1-Series F20 F21, BMW 2-Series F22 F23, BMW 3-Series F30 F34 3GT, BMW 4-Series F32 F33 F36, BMW 5-Series F10 F11 F18, BMW 6-Series F06 F12 F13, BMW 7-Series F01 F02 F03, BMW X3 F25, BMW X4 F26, BMW X5 F15 X6 F16, to look much better than your old iDrive controller.

HERE you can find Multimedia Button Cover Knob for BMW:

You can buy it from Amazon HERE: https://amzn.to/3oHW8ZZ

Try this BMW iDrive Controller Silver Crystal:

The Multimedia iDrive Controller Knob is fit for:
– BMW 1 Series F20 F21 (2013-2017)
– BMW 2 Series F22 F23 (2013-2015)
– BMW 3 Series F30 F34 3GT (2012-2015)
– BMW 4 Series F32 F33 F36 (2013-2015)
– BMW 5 Series F10 F11 F18 (2010-2017)
– BMW 6 Series F06 F12 F13 (2013-2019)
– BMW 7 Series F01 F02 F03 (2012-2015)
– BMW X3 F25 (2013-2017)
– BMW X4 F26 (2014-2017)
– BMW X5 F15 (2014-2016)
– BMW X6 F16 (2014-2016)

Upgrade your BMW with this Ceramic Look iDrive Controller in just 3 minutes and only 10 euros to spent!

Required tools:
– BMW iDrive Controller Knob:
– flat blade screwdriver
– sharp tool (like the one that we’ve used in the video: )

1. Remove the plastic cap from the top using a sharp tool
2. Remove the silver ring using a flat blade screwdriver
3. Install the first part of the new iDrive Controller knob and press it tightly
4. Install the cap.

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