TUTORIAL: Mazda 3 2004-2009 Fuse and relay box location and removal in 3 simple steps

In this video tutorial we are going to show you the location and how to remove the fuse box and relay box on Mazda 3 2003-2009 in just 3 simple steps.

There are two fuse boxes located in two places. The first fuse box is located in the engine bay, on the left side of the car and the second fuse box is located above the passenger footwell, right underneath the glove compartment.

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1. Remove the black plastic cover located under the glove compartment
2. Remove the fuse box shifting the two tabs
3. Disconnect all the cables (6 wiring harnesses) and take the fuse box out

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Check out the list of fuses below:

Earlier Models Latter Models
F37  Power door locks F37  [D/LOCK 2]
F39  Headlight high beams (LH) F39  HEAD HIGH L
F40  Headlight high beams (RH) F40  HEAD HIGH R
F41  * F41  *
F42  * F42  *
F43  Lighter F43  CIGAR
F44  Audio System F44  RADIO
F45  Power Mirror F45  [MIRROR]
F46  Tailight (RH), Parking Lights (RH), License Plate Lights F46  TAIL R
F47  For the protection of various circuits (OBD) F47  OBD
F48  * F48  *
F49  TR/Lock F49  [TR/LOCK]
F50  Control Unit F50  *
F51  Turn Signals, Hazards F51  *
F52  Moonroof F52  [SUN ROOF]
F53  Front Washer, Rear window wiper and washer F53  WASHER
F54  * F54  *
F55  Right Power window F55  <P/WIND R>
F56  Left Power window F56  <P/WIND L>
F57  Alarm F57
F58  Mirror Defroster F58  [M/DEF]
F59  * F59  *
F60  Headlight Low beams (RH) F60  HEAD LOW R
F61  Headlight Low beams (LH) F61  HEAD LOW L
F62  * F62  *
F63  * F63  *
F64  * F64  *
F65  Supplemental Restraint System F65  SAS
F66  Instrument Cluster, Immobilizer system, Shift Lock system F66  METER
F67  ABS, EHPAS (Ignition) F67  IGNITION
F68  Windshield Wiper F68  WIPER
F69  Engine  For protection of various circuits F69  ENGINE
F70  Auto Wiper F70  [IG SIG]
F71  Supplemental Restraint System F71  SAS 2
F72  * F72  *
F73  * F73  *
F74  Seat Warmer F74  [SEAT WARM]
F75  Power door locks F75  [D/LOCK 1]
F76  AC F76  A/C
F77  Power Window (LH) F77  [P/WIND L]
F78  Power Windor (RH) F78  [P/WIND R]
F79  Reverse Lights F79  BACK
F80  MoonRoof F80  [SUN ROOF]
F81  Tailights (LH) Parking Lights (LH) F81  TAIL L
F82  Illumination F82  ILLUMI

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