TUTORIAL: How to enter / acces hidden service menu on Ford Focus Mk2 in 4 simple steps

In this video tutorial we are going to show you how to acces / enter hidden (secret) menu on Ford Focus Mk2, Mondeo Mk4, S-Max Mk1, Galaxy, C-Max, etc. in just 4 simple steps.

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1. Press and hold the „SET/RESET” button…
2. …until you turn the the key in the second position
3. Keep pressing until „TEST” appears on the display and then release the „SET/RESET” button
4. Navigate through hidden menu using the „SET/RESET” button
Also, all DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) ERROR CODES are listed below.
To ext hidden menu, turn the key to 0 (zero) position
This function is showing the battery voltage (11 Volts).
To find out menu items, go to the „CHECK HIDDEN MENU ITEMS” from below.

Check each MENU ITEMS below:

Gauge sweep – test of analog displays
LCD Display Test
LED test – Testing of all LED from the instrument cluster
ROM level – Instrument cluster ROM version
NVM target ROM
Manufacture start – Instrument cluster Production date
Chimer module On 750Hz, 50% – testing beep/warning tone
Manufacture hours
DTC – Display error codes (see below)
Road speed (mph) – Speed in miles per hour
Road speed (km/h) – speed in kilometres per hour
Speedo gauge – Output for speedometer
Engine speed (rpm)
Speedometer gauge – Output for speedometer
ODO roll count
Fuel AD1/2 input – Signal input from fuel tank
Fuel gauge – Output for fuel gauge
Fuel flow
Fuel percent – tank level (00 to 64. 64 is the full value | FF stands for invalid data)
Engine temp. – Engine coolant temperature (-60 to +195 | +196 = Error ### Alternative: 0 to 254 | 255 = invalid data)
Temp. gauge – Output for temperature display
Battery voltage
Dist. to empty – Remaining range in kilometres
RAFE – Moving average fuel consumption in miles per gallon in British gallon
PATS key flags
Various A/D inputs and ports – low/mid-series instrument cluster
Personality 01-04

Check DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) ERROR CODES below:

115A (P115A) – Low Fuel Level – Forced Limited Power
115B (P115B) – Low Fuel Level – Forced Engine Shutdown
9202 (B1202) – Fuel pump and transmitter unit/fuel level sensor open circuit
9204 (B1204) – Fuel pump and transmitter unit/fuel level sensor short to ground
9317 (B1317) – Battery voltage high (greater than 16V)
9318 (B1318) – Battery voltage low (less than 10V)
9342 (B1342) – PCM is defective
9342 (B1342) – Odometer RESET button sticking
9342 (B1342) – Trip computer SET button sticking
9342 (B1342) – NVM memory failure
A286 (B2286) – MODE switch sticking
9359 (B1359) – Ignition run/accessory circuit failure
A477 (B2477) – Module configuration failure
D262 (U1262) – Communication bus fault (missing CAN messages)
E196 (U2196) – Invalid data for engine RPM (Invalid CAN message)
E197 (U2197) – Invalid data for vehicle speed (Invalid CAN message)
E198 (U2198) – Invalid data for fuel pulse (Invalid CAN message)
E199 (U2199) – Invalid data for engine coolant temperature (Invalid CAN message)
E200 (U2200) – Invalid data for odometer (Invalid CAN message)
E201 (U2201) – Invalid data for ambient temperature (Invalid CAN message)
D900 – CAN Bus – Communication fault
1197 SELECT/RESET Switch Circuit Failure
5284 (C1284) Oil Pressure Switch Failure
9202 (B1202) Fuel Sender Open Circuit
9204 (B1204) Fuel Sender Short to Ground
9213 (B1213) Anti-Theft Number of Programmed Keys is Below Minimum
9232 (B2103) Antenna Not Connected – Defective Transceiver
9317 (B1317) Battery Voltage High
9318 (B1318) Battery Voltage Low
9342 (B1342) ECU Is Defective
9356 (B1356) Ignition Run Circuit Open
9364 (B1364) Ignition Start Circuit Open
9600 (B1600) PATS Ignition Key Transponder Signal is Not Received
9601 (B1601) PATS Received Incorrect KeyCode from Ignition Key Transponder
9602 (B1602) PATS Received Invalid Format of Key-Code From Ignition Key Transponder
9681 (B1681) PATS Transceiver Signal is Not Received
A103 (B1232) Antenna Not Connected – Defective Transceiver
A139 (B2139) PCM ID Does Not Match Between Instrument Cluster and PCM
A141 (B2141) NVM Configuration Failure
A143 (B2143) NVM Memory Failure
J1850 –
D011 SCP Invalid or Missing Data for Engine Air Intake
D027 SCP (U1027) J1850 Invalid or Missing Data for Engine RPM
D041 SCP Invalid or Missing Data for Vehicle Speed
D043 SCP (U1043) Invalid or Missing Data for Traction Control
D073 SCP (U1073) Invalid or Missing Data for Engine Coolant
D123 SCP (U1123) Invalid or Missing Data for Odometer
D131 SCP Invalid or Missing Data for Fuel System
D132 SCP Invalid or Missing Data for Odometer
D147 SCP (U1147) Invalid or Missing Data for Vehicle Security
D148 SCP Invalid or Missing Data for Audio Control
D262 SCP (U1262) Missing SCP Message.

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