TUTORIAL: How to replace the Peugeot 207, 307, 407, 308, 807 flip key case or key fob in 9 steps

If you want to replace the key case or jey fob from a Peugeot 207, 307, 308, 407, 807 etc. you have to follow just 9 simple steps.

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Necessary tools:


STEP 1: open the key  fob to have acces at the inside pin and hit the nail with a hammer until you see the pin comes off

STEP 2: do the same with the new key fob

STEP 3: replace the blade for the new key and put the pin back

STEP 4: open the key fob with the blade of the other key

STEP 5: remove the electronic part from the old key case

STEP 6: open the new key case

STEP 7: move the electronic part and the battery to the new key case

STEP 8: put your new key fob back together

STEP 9: stick the new logo on the new key case.

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