How to replace / change VW Golf Mk4 headlight bulb (main beam H7) VW Golf Mk4 in just 5 simple steps!

This is a video tutorial on how to change or replace the H7 dipped headlight bulb (main beam) on VW Golf Mk4 in just 5 simple steps.

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Neccessary tools:
– flat blade & Philips screwdriver:

STEP 1: unscrew those two screws from the plastic cap that’s behind the headlight

If you want to have more space, it’s better to remove the battery cover.

STEP 2: remove the clip and take the headlight cover out

You can use a flat blade screwdriver

STEP 3: disconnect the plug from the headlight main beam bulb H7

STEP 4: remove the clip from the main beam bulb (H7)

To remove it you have to push towards the front of the car and in the same time slide to the right

STEP 5: take the main beam bulb H7 out from the headlight and replace it with a new one.

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