TUTORIAL: How to fix BMW Angel Eyes Problem or “Headlight Vertical Aim Control Failure” error on BMW 5 Series F10, F11, F07 (2011-2017)

Hey! This is a video tutorial on how to fix BMW Angel Eyes Problem or what you should do when you have the “Headlight Vertical Aim Control Failure” message on the display of your BMW 5 Series F10, F11, F07 (2011-2017).

First, you have to know that TMS module from the headlight is responsible for the next errors / defaults:
– Headlight Vertical Aim Control Failure
– Daytime/parking lamp malfunction
– Left turn signal malfunction
– Right turn signal malfunction
– Turn indicator front left failure
– Turn indicator front right failure
– Adaptive headlights failure
– Side/daytime lights fault

The most common warning messages for faulty TMS module on BMW are:
800FC3 Initialization fault in left headlamp driver module
800FC2 Initialization fault in right headlamp driver module
800FC3 Initialisation fault in headlight driver module left
800FC2 Initialisation fault in headlight driver module right
800FC7 Internal fault in STML (Left hand headlamp driver module)
800FC8 Internal fault in STML (Right hand headlamp driver module)
800FC7 lin bus, headlight driver module (TMS) right, communication fault
800FC8 Lin Bus Headlight driver module (TMS), Left: communication fault
800FC9 Lin Bus headlight driver module (TMS), right: communication fault
800F86 Daytime Driving Light / Side Light, left, faulty
800F87 Daytime Driving Light / Side Light, right, faulty
800F88 Output daytime driving light / side light, left, short-circuited
800F89 Output daytime driving light / side light, right, short-circuited
800FCB Headlight driver module (TMS), left, faulty
800FCE Headlight driver module (TMS), right, faulty

So, in this video I will show you how to replace or remove the TMS module from a BMW 5-Series F10, F11, F07 that is responsible for Angel Eyes problem, in just 18simple steps.

Here you can find Halogen Headlight TMS Driver Module for BMW 5 Series F10 F11 F07 F18 523Li 528Li 535Li 530i: —– https://amzn.to/3g5a09h

You can buy also from Aliexpress: —- https://bit.ly/3rNPz5f

Required tools:

To reach for TMS module you have to move forward the headlight and to do that you have to remove the front bumper so the part that is under the faulty angel eyes headlight.

To do that you have to start with:
1. Lift the hood and start removing those two plastics from the sides
You can remove those plastic clips using a flat blade screwdriver and a trim tool
2. Remove the rubber and take the plastic part out
You should do the same if you want to remove the front bumper entirely
3. Remove the rubber from the front side of the bumper
4. Remove those 6 bolts using a T30 Torx
5. Rotate the steering wheel to the left side to create more space behind the front right wheel
6. Remove those 2 bolts from the lower side of the the wheel arch cover using an 8 mm socket
7. Remove the first 2 bolts starting from the bottom of the wheel arch cover
8. Take the wheel arch cover on the side and remove those 2 bolts between the fender and the front bumper
9. Remove the right side of the front bumper pulling it down first
You should do the same with the left side (only of you want to remove the front bumper entirely)
10. Remove those 8 bolts from the lower side of the bumper using an 8 mm socket
11. Disconnect all the cables that are attached to the front bumper (from the fog lights and from the parking sensors)
12. Remove the lower grilles front the bumper and then remove the clips
13. Remove the front bumper
14. Remove the 4 bolts from the headlight using a T30 Torx
15. Pull the headlight out and then disconnect the cables from the back
16. Remove those two bolts using a T20 Torx
17. Remove the TMS module and replace it with new one
18. Install the headlight back and connect the cables
You should test the headlight and see if the angel eyes will turn on and then install all the parts back.

If you have any suggestions about new tutorials, let us know in the comments section!

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