TUTORIAL: How to FIX / REPAIR V159 / G220 / V158 actuator motor temperature flap control HVAC for only 3-4 euros

If you don’t have heat on the right side (V159 actuator motor temperature flap) or on the left side (V158 actuatot motor temperature flap) of your VW, Skoda, Audi, Seat car, probably it’s because of these motors or servomotors: V159 and V158 actuator motor temperature flaps control. So, in this video tutorial we are going to show you how to fix V159 / G220 or V158 actuator or motor temperature flap from HVAC for only 3-4 euros in just 3 simple steps.

HERE you can find Potentiometer Air Conditioning Resistance Sensor for repairing V158 & V159 motor: http://bit.ly/3uynqQC

You can find electric motor for Servomotor V159, V158 HERE: http://bit.ly/39ZQ3xP

Most of the time the temperature flap control motor V159/G220 has issues with the potentiometer (providing motor position feedback to the Climatronic system) so we’ll replace it with a new one. How to do that, watch the video tuorial below for more details:

Replacing the V158 or V159 motor with new ones is very expensive but you can replace only the broken parts from inside them. Ussually the potentiometer has to be replace.

Required tools:

1. Remove the V159 motor housing using a flat blade screwdriver
Here you need some help for another person the separate the plastic housing
2. Remove the potentiometer or the resistance sensor and replace it with a new one
You can find a new Potentiometer in the video description below!
The resistance sensor or potentiometer it’s the same on V158, V159, V107, V71, V113, V425.
3. Put the cover back.

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