TUTORIAL: How to replace / remove pollen filter (cabin air filter) VW Golf Mk4, Jetta, Bora in 9 simple steps

In this video tutorial we are going to show you how to replace pollen filter or cabin air filter on VW Golf Mk4, Jetta, Bora in just 9 simple steps.

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Required tools:
– Phillips screwdriver
– a new pollen filter

Working time: 20-3- minutes

First, you have to know that pollen filter is loocated in the engine compartment, on the right side of the car.
1. Lift the hood and take the rubber seal on the side
2. Remove those 4 bolts using a Phillips screwdriver
3. Lift and then pull the plastic cover out
4. Remove the pollen filter from the car
Pull those two tabs towards you and then lift the pollen filter up.
5. Replace the old pollen filter with a new one
6. Install the new pollen filter into the bracket and fit it back in until it clicks
7. Install the plastic cover back
8. Put the screws back
9. Put the rubber seal back on
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