TUTORIAL: How to acces hidden menu (instrument cluster diagnostic mode) on Mazda 3 in 3 steps

Do you know that Mazda 3 has a hidden menu or a diagnostic mode into the instrument cluster in order to test out many car functions. In this video below we are going to show you how to enter hidden menu in just 3 simple steps.

1. Press on the trip button from the instrument cluster
2. While holding trip reset button, turn key to the ‘ON’ position where the instrument cluster lights up
3. Continue to hold trip reset until the word “TEST” comes up in the odometer display and then release the button
Use the trip reset button to navigate through the series of diagnostic tests
To exit hidden menu, turn the key off and then back on to exit the diagnostic mode.

Below you can see a list of the Mazda 3 codes:
Code 8 – Shows if lights on/off
Code 12 – Speedometer test, full sweep, rests at 60 km/h
Code 13 – Tachometer test, full sweep, rests at 3000rpm
Code 14 – Turns on the annoying high pitched dash chime
Code 16 – Blinks the fuel light
Code 22 – Displays numeric value of fuel sensor’s current level (for example: ~320 = empty (very close anyway),
~220 = 1/2 tank, ~10 = full tank)
Code 23 – Fuel gauge, full sweep
Code 25 – Temp gauge, full sweep
Code 28 – Test Oil Pressure Gauge
Code 31 – checks if the key is in igniton (“on”). Once you remove the key it will say “off”
Code 32 – Test the blinker sound
Code 50 – Displays codes for info display
Code 51 – Digital reading of fuel gauge
Code 55 – Displays ON if the dash light button is pressed
Code 60 –
Code 63 –

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