TUTORIAL: How to change display language (MFD) Subaru XV (2012-2018) from Dutch to English in 5 steps

To change language display (MFD) on Subaru XV 2012-2018 from Dutch or German to English watch the video tutorial below:

1. Turn the key in the first position
2. Press on the “i/SET” button and keep pressing for a few seconds until you acces the menu
Use the “i/SET” for enter button and Up and Down arrows to navigate through menu
3. Select “Scherminstelling” (Settings) pressing on “i/SET” button
4. Then select “Talen” (Languages)
5. 5. Select the English language or what language you prefer (Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Romanian) and the select “Installen”
Turn the key off.