TUTORIAL: VW Golf Mk6, Jetta (2009 – 2012) Headlight Removal / Replacement in 10 steps

If you want to remove or to replace headlight on VW Golf Mk6, Jetta 2009 – 2012 you just have to follow 10 simple steps.

Required tools:
– a T25 Torx or a flat blade screwdriver
– a T30 Torx
– a ratchet

1. Open the bonnet and remove those two bolts from the headlight using a T30 Torx
2. Remove the 4 bolts using a flat blade screwdriver or a T25 Torx
3. Pull from the upper side and then lift from the lower side of the grille to take it out
4. Remove those two screws using a T25 Torx
Steer the wheels to the right
5. Remove the 5 screws fromt inside the fender wheel using a T25 Torx
6. Remove the T25 bolts from the lower side
7. To remove the bumper, apply some pressure forward on the side and then slide it to the front
Don’t forget to disconnect the connectors from the fog lights (only if it’s necessary).
8. Remove those two bolts from the headlight using a T30 Torx
9. Disconnect the cables from the back
10. Remove the headlight.

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