TUTORIAL: How to remove / replace air vents on VW Bora / Jetta in 11 steps!

In this video tutorial we are going to show you how to replace / remove dashboard airvents on VW Bora / Jetta in just 11 simple steps.

Reqiured tools:

– three flat blades
– a T20 Torx
– a trim tool

VW Bora / Jetta left dashboard (driver side) air vent removal

1. Remove the headlight switch
2. Disconnect the cables
3. Remove the only screw using a T20 Torx
4. Remove the grille and disconnect the cables from the headlight switch (adjustment)
5. Remove the grille frame, the plastic cap from the left side and take the wires from the red led out

VW Bora / Jetta central air vents removal / replacement

To see how to remove the buttons (hazzard, defrost and false buttons) check the video tutorial on our website. Link in video description.

6. Remove all the buttons from the central air vents
7. You have to use 3 flat blades to to remove the central (middle) air vents
8. Remove the wires from the LEDs and then take the grilles out
9. Remove also those two T20 screws from inside

VW Bora / Jetta passenger air vent removal / replacement

10. Use a trim tools to remove the right side dashboard air vents
11. Remove the grille frame, the plastic cap from the left side and the wires from the LED.

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