TUTORIAL: How to read (verify) real kilometers from DSG automatic transmission using VCDS (VAG COM) on VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda in 4 steps

If you want to find out how to check or verify real kilometers from DSG automatic transmission with VCDS (VAG COM) on
VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, watch the video tutorial below.

Required tools:
– a VCDS / VAG COM dyagnose
– a laptop

First, you have to plug the VCDS (VAG-COM) cable into the car, then…

On instrumental cluster display it is showing that the car has 106.485 km. Let’s check how is it going to be from the DSG gearbox (transmission).

1. Start the engine or turn the key in the second position
2. Click on VCDS software that you have already installed on your laptop
3. Select “Options” and select USB / TEST / OK / SAVE
4. Click on “Select Control Module / Auto-Trans / Meas. Blocks-08 / Write 109 in first field below the “Group”

The DSG gearbbox is showing 105.107 km, that is very close to the original kilomteres number displayed on instrumental cluster.
For each car model, the information can be found in a different channel, fox example: 108, 110, 111, etc.

If you want to exit just click on Done, Go back / Close Controller, Go back / Go back / Exit.


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