TUTORIAL: VW Golf Mk4, Bora, Jetta sunroof removal / replacement in 4 steps

If you want to replace or to remove sunroof on VW Golf Mk4, Jetta, Bora you just have to follow 4 simple steps. Watch the video below:
Before you remove the sunroof, first you have to remove the roof headlining (headliner).

Necessary tools:
– a T20 Torx
– a ratchet

1. Remove those 4 hoses (flexible tubes) from the sunroof
2. Remove those 4 bolts from the front side
3. Remove those 3 bolts from the left side of the car
4. Remove those 3 bolts from the right side of the car
You will need one more person to help you to remove the sunroof when the screw are almost out.

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