How to remove / replace hazard button (emergency flashers) VW Golf Mk5, Jetta, Rabbit in 7 simple steps

If you want to remove or replace hazard button or emergency flashers on VW Golf Mk5, Jetta, Rabbit you have to follow these 7 simple steps.

Necessary tools:

–          A pry tool

–          A ratchet

–          A T20 Torx


1.       Pry the trim panel up from the top of the dashboard using a plastic trim removal

2.       Split the trim panel in half uncliping it from those 10 clips

3.       Unplug the wiring connection from solar sensor

4.       Remove those three T20 Torx

5.       Pull the panel towards you while lifting up, then you need to lift the front of the panel up

6.       Remove those to wiring connections from the hazard button and from the airbag warning light

7.       Press with two fingers on those two clips to release the button and with the other hand from the outside to inside the panel.

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