TUTORIAL: How to remove / replace front bumper on VW Golf Mk4 in 6 steps

This video tutorial will show you how to remove VW Golf MK4 front bumper in just 6 simple steps.

Necessary tools:

–          A T25 Torx

–          A T30 Torx

–          A ratchet

–          A flat blade screwdriver


First, you have to remove front grille (see here video tutorial) and headlight washer jet cover caps . Then…

1.       Remove those 8 screws (4 from each wheel arch) using a T25 Torx

2.       Remove the 5 screws from the front bumper using a T30 Torx

3.       Remove the small grilles

4.       Remove also those 2 screws from inside grille

5.       Remove the front bumper sliding it from both sides

6.       Disconnect the wiring harness from the temperature sensor.

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