How to set speed limit alert on Fiat Doblo in 9 simple steps

This time will show you how to set the speed limit on Fiat Doblo represented by the message “Exccessive Speed” on dashboard display. That comes also with a warning light that looks with a yellow triangular  with an exclamation mark.


STEP 1: Turn the key in the second position (but don’t start the engine)

STEP 2: Press the middle button on the right side of instrument cluster

STEP 3: Press the “+” and “–“ buttons and search for “Speed Limit”

STEP 4: Press the middle button once, then select “ON” with “+” or “–“ buttons

STEP 5: Select “ON” pressing once on the middle button

STEP 6: Search again for the “Speed Lim” and select it pressing the middle button

STEP 7: Set the speed limit using the “+” and “–“ buttons

STEP 8: Select speed limit pressing on the middle button, then search the “Exit Menu” with “+” and “–“ buttons and confirm pressing once the middle button

STEP 9: Turn the key off