Service light reset / oil service reset VW Passat CC in 6 steps

Many people don’t know how to reset service light on their cars after the oil changed. If you watched the video below, you’ll see how to do it on a VW Passat CC in just 6 simple steps:

STEP 1: turn the key in the second position

Make sure that you have all the doors closed.

STEP 2: press two times on the “OK” button from the right side of the steering wheel

In this way you’ll have acces to ”VEHICLE STATUS”

STEP 3: press right arrow button to enter SETTINGS

STEP 4: press down arrow button to go to “Service interval”

STEP 5: select “Service interval” with “OK” button

STEP 6: select “Reset” and press “OK” button

Then you select “Back” to exit menu.

Select “Info” to check if the service light reset was done correctely.