TUTORIAL: how to use ELM327 interface on VW cars in 6 steps

Watch the video below to see how to use correctly ELM327 interface on VW cars, in 6 steps:

STEP 1: Plugged the ELM327 interface into jack

Usually, the jack is near to pedals

STEP2: put the key in the second position

Use a smartphone with Android operating system

STEP 3: turn on the GPS/Location

STEP 4: turn on Bluetooth and find OBDII

STEP 5: pair with OBDII using 1234 or 0000 passwords

STEP 6: acces Torque App from your smartphone (you need to have it already installed on your phone)

When you receive the “Connected to ECU OK” message or the blue icons stop flashing, that means the phone is connected.

What can you do with ELM327 interface :

  1. Read/clean car faults
  2. Turn off the Check Engine light
  3. You can view engine sensor parameters in real-time

After you are done, remember to turn the contact off and take the ELM327 interface out from the jack.