How to change / replace a VW, Skoda, Audi key remote battery

If you want to change / replace the battery on a VW, Skoda, Audi key, you have to follow these stepes fromĀ  the video below:

STEP 1: open the key

STEP 2: split the key in half with barehands or with a flat-blade screwdriver. Try to insert the flat screwdriver into the cut out on the blade side and carefully twist. Pull the two sections apart.

STEP 3: put the key blade apart and split the remote key with a more sharpen flat-blade screwdriver

STEP 4: take out the battery using a small flat-blade screwdriver

STEP 5: insert the battery with writing side down

STEP 6: fit that two parts of remote back on

STEP 7: put back the blade