Remove door panel on VW Bora, Golf Mk4 in 6 steps

Follow those 6 steps from the video below and you’ll learn hot to remove the front door panel on a VW Bora. Enjoy it!

STEP 1: with a Phillips screwdriver you have to unscrew all the 4 screws from the door panel

STEP 2: you take out the interior part of the doorhandle, pulling it out to the exterior

STEP 3: using a flat blade screwdriver you take out the front panel door. Don’t forget to disconnect the wirres

STEP 4: unscrew the last 2 screws hidden under the control panel door

STEP 5: with a flat blade screwdriver you take out the down side of the door panel, and then, with bear hands, you continue to the upper side

Be careful not to let go on the door panel, otherwise you’ll brake the inside wirres

STEP 6: you, carrefuly, disconnect all the wirres hidden inside the door.