TUTORIAL: How To Refill & Check Engine Oil Level on Volvo XC40, XC60 (2018-2024) in 5 easy steps

Here isa a video tutorial on how to refill and check engine oil level on Volvo XC40, XC60 (2018-2024) in 5 easy steps.

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On this Volvo XC40 & XC60 (2018-2024) there is no dipstick to check the engine oil level and for that you have to check it from inside, using the central display information. So here are the steps that you have to follow to refill and check engine oil level on Volvo XC40, XC60 (2018-2024):

You can see that the car already tells you that you have to refill the engine with oil by giving you the message: „Engine oil level low. Refill 1 liter”. So, to check the engine oil level, start with:

1. Turn on the ignition by pressing the Start Stop Engine button once.
2. On the central display, you will have to go to the second page and access „Car Status”.
3. Click on „Status” to see the oil level.
Now you can see that the engine oil level is close to the minimum and that is why the message tells you to top up with a liter of oil.
4. Unlock the hood by pulling the inside handle twice
You can see that Volvo XC40 engine does not have a dipstick to manually check the oil level.
5. Lift the hood and open the oil cap to refill.
The Volvo XC40 uses Castrol Edge Professional V 0W-20 oil, which you can find it HERE!
If you don’t know what type of oil you need to top up with, check in the car’s manual that you can find in the glove box.
Go to page 112 and there is the required type of oil that you can use for Volvo XC40.
After filling up with oil, check the engine oil level once more, and here you will see that it has changed and is closer to the maximum level, which is good.

If the car system does not detect changes directly when filling or draining oil, then you have to drive for approximately 30 km (about 20 miles) and then stop for 5 minutes with the engine off on a horizontal surface for the oil level indication to be correct.

Attention! Add only the specified amount that it says in the warning message. An excessive level can cause operational problems.

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