Explanation: what does this Car Lifting Symbol from the BMW Fuse Box Diagram mean?

Probably many of you, owners of BMW cars, have asked yourself what is the meaning of the symbol with a car lifting? Well, you can find this symbol as a warning light on the dashboard and also in the fuse panel diagram of BMW cars.

Therefore, when the car lifting warning light appears on the dashboard, it is usually accompanied by a warning message with a certain problem with the car.
So, it’s simple. You just have to fix the problem with what it says in the message displayed on the dashboard. For example, there may be a problem with the oil level sensor or the brake pads.

On the other hand, the car on lift from the fuse panel diagram that is placed next to a symbol such as the level of the windshield fluid symbol or the handbrake symbol, means that you have the problem checked by BMW Service as soon as possible. So it cannot be solved just by replacing a fuse, unfortunately.

To find out the meaning of all the symbols on the fuse panel diagram of BMW cars, enter here:

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