TUTORIAL: How to read / identify the production date (year) of Varta or Bosch Car Batteries

In this short video we are going to show you how to read or identify the production date (year) of Varta or Bosch from your car. We said Bosch and Varta becaue both of them are made in Europe in the same factories.

HERE you can find Varta & Bosch car batteries: https://amzn.to/3VOIBf6

The Bosch and Varta car batteries have a serial number on the top in the right corner. We are interested just for the first 9 digit code.

1. The first letter show us the factory where the battery was manufactured:
A – Austria, Wien
C – Czech Republic, Ceska Lipa
E – Spain, Burgos
G – Spain, Guardamar
F (R) – France, Rouen
H – Germany, Hanover
S – France, Sargemin
Z – Germany, Zwickau

2. The second letter or number is the line number in factory, wich is not important for us.

3. The third letter or number is the destination of the car battery:
E – for OEM cars
V – for aftermarket sale

4. The 4th position show us the prodution year.

5. The 5th position is the month of manufacturing that you can find it below:
– for car batteries that was produced before 2014:
81 (01) – January
82 (02) – February
83 (03) – March
84 (04) – April
85 (05) – May
86 (06) – June
87 (07) – July
88 (08) – August
89 (09) – September
90 (10) – October
91 (11) – November
92 (12) – December

– for car batteries that was produced after 2014:
17 – January
18 – February
19 – March
20 – April
53 – May
54 – June
55 – July
56 – August
57 – September
58 – October
59 – November
60 – December.

6. The other letters are not important.

The serial number from our Varta battery presented in the video tutorial is CAC754071 which C letter is from Cech factory where the battery was manufactured. AC – it is a factory code that is not important for us. 7 – show us the prodution year (2017) and 54 – is the month of manufacturing.

For car batteries that are installed on new vehicles, the Varta and Bosch manufacturer stamps the date of manufacture on the negative terminal of the battery:

– 2 digits at the top representing the week

– 2 digits at the bottom which represent the last digits of the year of manufacture.

What is the lifespan of a Varta or Bosch car battery?

The lifespan of the Varta or Bosch battery is about 5-6 years. But the lifespan of the car battery depends on the following factors:

– the environment in which it is used (very low temperatures and very high heat considerably reduce the life of the battery)

– usage conditions

– how it is maintained by the owner of the car.