TUTORIAL: How to remove / replace / install heater core on VW Passat B6, B7, CC, Golf 6, Golf 7, Tiguan, Touran, CC, Caddy, Skoda Octavia 2, 3, Superb 2, Seat Leon in 18 easy steps

In this video tutorial I will explain step by step how to replace (remove) & install heater core on models like: VW Passat B6, B7, CC, Golf 5, Golf 6, Golf 7, Golf Plus, Tiguan, Touran, CC, Eos, Scirocco, Caddy, Skoda Octavia 2, 3, Yeti, Superb 2, Seat Leon, Altea in just 18 easy steps.

HERE you can find Heater Core (with Clamp & Gasket Set included) for VW Passat B6, B7, VW Golf 6, CC, Touran, Tiguan, Eos, Scirocco, Caddy, Seat Leon, Altea, etc.: https://amzn.to/3J5NRqH

When should you replace the heater core on VW, Skoda, Seat:
– when the windshield and car windows fog up with greasy water
– when you don’t have heat in the car
– when the coolant level go down and you have to add more often coolant to your car
– when you find coolant on the carpet under the driver or passengers’ feet
– when the Electric Radiator Cooling Fan does not work properly (it starts even when it is cold outside) and there is no need to cool the engine
– and, of course, when you remove it and notice that it is broken

Working time: 4-6 hours

Tools needed:
– T15 torx or a 5.5 mm key wrench: https://amzn.to/2DJ8yZT
– T30 Torx Or a 10 mm key wrench: https://amzn.to/2DJ8yZT
– flat blade screwdriver: https://amzn.to/3Q8WUYA
– Hose Clamp Plier: https://amzn.to/3JlFiWI
– Heater Core: https://amzn.to/3J5NRqH
– Heater Core Clamp & Gasket Set:

UK & UE:
HEATER CORE: https://amzn.to/3CTNDyO

Heater Core Clamp & Gasket Set:

For US customers:
HERE you can find Heater Core (with Clamp & Gasket Set included) for VW Passat B6, B7, VW Golf 6, CC, Touran, Tiguan, Eos, Scirocco, Caddy, Seat Leon, Altea, etc.: https://amzn.to/3J5NRqH: https://amzn.to/3J5NRqH

2 very important things you need to know before replacing the heater core:
– buy a new heater core that is the same brand as the one that is on your car (e.g. if you have a Denso heater core, you should buy heater core Denso as well)
– buy a Heater Core Clamp & Gasket Set, don’t use the old ones because they are worn and the antifreeze might leaking

1. Open the hood and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery with a 10 mm wrench
If the carpet is soaked with coolamt, put a cellophane or something on the carpet to prevent the liquid from passing through and getting you wet.
2. Unscrew the bolt from the driver side panel using a T20 Torx
Slide the driver’s seat as far back as possible and then pull the plastic down and then back to remove it.
3. Remove those 3 bolts from the plastic panel above the pedals using a T20 Torx
4. Remove the plastic panel and take the OBD2 Dyagnose Port out using a flat blade screwdriver
5. Remove the dash storage from the left side
6. Remove the footwell distribution plastic thingy, by removing a single T20 Torx screw
7. Remove the plastic cap from the heater core using a T15 Torx or a 5.5 mm socket
8. Remove the screw from the aluminium part using a 10 mm socket or a T30 Torx
9. Remove the cap from the coolant tank to release the pressure
10. Remove the engine cover and disconnect the cables from the mass air flow sensor meter
Also detach the hoses from the air intake hose.
11. Loose the two clamps from the air intake hose using clamp pliers and a flat blade screwdriver
12. Remove the end of the small hose using a flat blade screwdriver (it is held in two grips at the bottom and top)
13. Remove the clamps from the coolant hose connectors using a flat blade screwdriver
14. Remove one or both coolant hoses to create more space for removinf the screw
Cover the air intake with a plastic bag so that the bolts or other tools do not fall inside.
15. Remove the T15 Torx screw between those two coolant pipes
16. Remove the clamps from the two heater core hoses using a T15 Torx or a 5.5 mm socket
There is another way to separate those pipes: to cut theose two pipes from the heater core using an electric saw, at a distance of 3-4 cm from the joint with the other pipes.
If you bought a new set of heater Core Clamp & Gasket, you can take the old ones out.
17. Detach those heater core pipes and then take the heater core out
To disconnect it from the pipes, one person must go outside and pull the two pipes from the outside, and another will pull the pipes from the heater core from inside the car.
Be careful that about 4-500 ml of coolant may flow so you’ll need a container in which to collect it.
Do not insert the screwdriver between those to lips of the pipes, you will only bend those edges and it will be much more difficult to put the clamps back.
After you take the heater core out, remove those two plastic covers from the sides and install them on the new heater core. Fit the new gaskets on the new heater core pipes.
18. Install the new heater core and connect the pipes, then follow the steps in reverse order to put all parts back.
You need another person to help you connect the pipes from the car to those from the heater core. One pushes the pipes from the outside and the other one from inside.
If it is difficult for you to connect those 4 pipes together, then you can grease them with some vaseline at the ends where the gaskets are. Attention, the clamps must be mounted in the same position as the old ones. Otherwise, when fixing the plastic cover back of the heater cover, it will no longer be fixed correctly.

Those clamps have to be brought together by hand to put the screw, don’t force them. If the collars are not fixed correctly on the two edges of the pipes, then the coolant will drain.

Install the new clamps in the same position in which you remove it. When you have to attach the clamps, make sure that both edges of the pipes are covered by the clamp. You will know that when it’s easy to bring the ends of the clamp closer (using your fingers) to put the screw back.

Buy a new set of clamps and gaskets before installing the heater core. The old gaskets are worn and it is possible that the coolant will drain and the clamps are quite worn and no longer hold the two pipes together as they should.

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