TUTORIAL: How to FIX / REPAIR a broken Trunk / Tailgate (Latch) on VW Golf Mk4, Jetta, Bora Variant in few simple steps.

Here is a video tutorial on how to identify and fix the trunk (latch) mechanism VW Golf Mk4, Jetta, Bora Variant in just few simple steps.

Here we have a VW Golf Mk4 or Jetta Variant and it has this problem that the trunk doesn’t open from the handle. So the owner of this car has come with this improvised cable that when you pull it the trunk will open manually.

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If you want to open the car from the car key, when you want to lift the trunk from the handle it doesn’t open, so you have to pull that cable. Let’s see what it’s wrong with the trunk mechanism, so to reach it, we’ll have to open the trunk lid and remove the carpet lining. There are two T20 Torx bit bolts wich are located inside those two handles.

Once the carpet lining is off, you can see the latch mechanism. The problem is with that actuator that doesn’t work. It has an arm that comes out and push that plastic piece to open the latch. So, the owner replace that rod with an improvised cable to open the trunk manually.

Start with checking this parts first:

– Actuator
– Trunk Latch Mechanism
– Trunk Lock Cylinder
– Trunk Latch
– Boot Handle and also the microswitch
– Cables from the rubber boot

You can see now that when I pull this cable that latch will open. So, the the cable is making the work for the actuator that is broken. So I need to replace the actuator to open the trunk from the handle. The actuator has an arm that is coming out and it’s coming back in the actuator after 3-4 seconds when you pull the handle to open the trunk.

You can find all the parts from the trunk HERE:

Before that improvised cable, it was a rod between the door lock cylinder and the trunk latch mechanism. To remove the actuator you just have to remove those 3 nuts using a 10 mm socket. Disconnect the cable and take the rod out from the trunk latch pulling it down. Then to remove it from the assembly you just have to remove those 2 bolts using a Phillips screwdriver.

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