TUTORIAL: How to secure your dog in the car with only 6$

This is a video about securing your dog in the car. The idea came to me when I noticed in traffic that more and more drivers are leaving their pets (and here I am referring especially to small dogs), free inside the car. What’s worse is the fact that most of them keep their animal in the front passenger’s arms and that is a very high risk in the event of an accident when the airbags get activated.

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Can you imagine what could happen ?! Even if the pet is seated in the rear seat, in the event of a head-on collision, the pet can be thrown in the front seats of the car.

Therefore, a car leash that attaches to the car’s seat belt not only prevents the driver’s attention from being distracted while driving but keeps the animal in the back area of ​​the car and prevents them from walking through the car while driving. In addition, during the summer when you go with the window open, you can be sure that your pet will not jump out of the car.

In the next few minutes you will see how to install this special seat belt for pets. The item has a price starting from 6$ and you can find it below in the video description.

The dog seat belt has one end that comes attached to the car seat belt slot from the rear seats and the other end it attaches to the dog’s harness. Depending on the space available in the back and the size of the dog, you can adjust the length of the belt.

If you have a small puppy, you can also put a soft and fluffy bed to ensure the best comfort on the back seats. The bed has a non-slip material on the other side which prevents it from slipping off the rear seats.

If you want to buy a seat belt or a fluffy bed for your dog or to make a gift to friends who have pets, you can find the products in the video description.So, we have here the special belt for puppies that comes attached to the buckle from the car’s seat belt.

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