Audi A3, S3 8V (2013-2020) fuse box and relay panel location and diagram (explanation)

Here you will find fuse box and relay panel location and diagram (explanation) for Audi A3, S3 8V (2013-2020).

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On Audi A3, S3 8V (2013-2020) the fuse and relay box (panels) are located inside the car, on the left side of the dash panel underneath the steering wheel and in the engine compartment.

Below you’ll find Audi A3 (2013-2020) fuse and relay box explanation (diagram) from the dash panel:





2 10A Seat adjustment
3 7.5A Infotainment control panel, Infotainment components
4 5A Gateway
5 5A Selector lever (automatic transmission)
6 10A Air conditioning/heating Controls, auxiliary heating, rear window defogger relay, tire pressure monitor
7 10A Electromechanical parking brake switch, light switch, rain/light sensor, anti-theft alarm system, diagnostic connector, roof module, emergency cali system, headlight range control
8 5A Steering column switch module
9 5A Infotainment system display
10 40A Heating/air conditioning system blower
11 7.5A Infotainment components
12 5A Instrument cluster
13 40A Panorama glass roof/power top control module, power top latch
14 20A Right vehicle electrical system control module
15 30A Driver’s side front/rear power windows
16 30A Seat heating
17 30A Interior lights
18 7.5A Interior lights
19 40A Interior lights
20 7.5A Front camera, parking system, ACC sensor, lañe change assist
21 5A Airbag
22 7.5A Hold assist button, interior sound, revers-ing light switch, temperature sensor, neck heating relay coil and socket relay, power top operation button
23 10A Air quality sensor, automatic dimming rearview mirror, diagnostic connector, cen-ter consolé power supply
24 30A Passenger’s side front/rear power windows
25 20A 12V sockets or cigarette lighter
26 40A Central locking area
27 30A Sound-amplifier
29 5A Clutch sensor (relay 1+2), high-voltage battery, power electronics
30 40A Rear window defogger

Below you’ll find Audi A3 (2013-2020) fuse and relay box explanation (diagram) from the engine compartment:





1 15A Fuel control module, Fuel pump
2 20A Engine components, exhaust door, glow time control module (relay 6)
3 15A Heat oxygen sensor
4 10A Engine components, water pumps, tank system (gasoline engine)
5 5A Brake light switch
7 10A Engine components, fuel tank system (diesel), CNC cut-off valve
8 15A Engine components, engine cooling, auxiliary heater coil relay (1+4+7), secondary air injection pump relay
10 40A Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
11 40A Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
12 30A Automatic transmission
14 15A Horn
16 7.5A Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC), engine control module (relay 5)
17 5A Terminal 30 (voltage reference), battery monitoring
18 30A Windshield wipers
23 5A Terminal 50 diagnosis, engine control module
24 30A Starter

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