TUTORIAL: Mercedes-Benz B-Class W245 (2006-2011) front, rear, luggage compartment cigarette lighter 12V socket fuse replacement (fix) in 4 steps

Watch this video tutorial on how to replace (change) front, rear and luggage compartment cigarette lighter 12V socket (fuse replacement) on Mercedes-Benz B-Class W245 (2006-2011) in just four simple steps.

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1. Go to the front passanger’s seat and remove the carpet and then remove the cover from the fuse panel
2. Take the fuse panel diagram out and look for the cigarette lighter or 12V socket symbol and identify the fuses positions
3. Replace the 25A fuse (for front cigarette lighter) from the 38 position from the fuse panel
Make sure to replace it with the same color and with the same ampere fuse (25A).
This fuse is for the front cigarette lighter or 12V sockets
For the cigarette lighter or 12V socket located in the back or in the lugagge compartment you have to check the fuses from the 53, 67, 69 positions
4. Put the fuse panel diagram back, the cover and the carpet.

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