TUTORIAL: How to reset service light / message (oelwechsel faellig / Oil change due) on Renault Scenic 2 in 3 simple steps

If you have a Renault Scenic 2 (2007-2008) and you have changed the oil & filters, then you have to reset the service message on the instrument cluster and set new reminder interval for your car. The message can be in german like „Oelwechsel Faellig” or „Service Due” in English. You can watch this video tutorial to reset by yourself for free without using diagnostic tool.

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1. Start the engine by insert the card key and then push the START STOP button
2. Press on the wiper’s stalk buttons until you see the „Oil change due” or „Change oil soon” message
3. Then keep pressing on the button for 5 seconds until the service light is reset
Turn the ignition off and then turn the ignition on to check it the „SERVICE” message on display has disappeared.
In our case the message it’s still on because of the handbrake fault.

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