Review CPLAY2air – connect your iPhone to your car’s factory installed Apple Carplay via wireless instead of using the cord

Hey guys! In this video tutorial I will show you this CPLAY2air product that help you to connect your iPhone to your car’s factory installed Apple Carplay via wireless without using a traditional cord.

You have to know that only car models from 2017 and up can support Apple Carplay.

Check here if the CPLAY2air is working on your car:

You can find a list with all the cars with CarPlay support in the video description below!

Usually, to connect to your Carplay you need to connect your cord to car’s USB port and then to your iPhone and then you can use Carplay. But now, you can use this Carplay app wireless just connecting this CPLAY2air to a USB port and thats it.

This is the device, it looks very nice, it’s small and it has a small cord and it’s easy to install. It takes about 5 minutes to connect the CPLAY2AIR to your phone. There is a user manual that is coming with the package.

Turn on the car, remove the old cord and connect new CPLAY2air dongle to the USB port, wait for the setup menu to appear on your cars display, turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from your iPhone, select your device, check your phone for pairing confirmation. You can also use Siri from the Voice Command button.

So, from now on you don’t need to do anything, every time you start the engine, the CPLAY2air will connect to your iPhone automatically.

You can hide the CPLAY2air dongle in the armrest if you have a USB port there.

The price for CPLAY2air is 129,95 dollars and you can find it here:

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